Your hair speaks volumes about the condition of your body. Your hair may be in perfect shape and at the same time change to look dull, curly and frizzy.

This, therefore, implies that you should mind the kind of products that you apply to your hair. This article describes a product Botox, giving its benefits on hair, estimate price, opinions, and reviews to its use.

What is hair Botox?

This is one of the latest and non-invasive methods that is meant to repair and then restore vitality to your hair, brought about by damage from chemicals in the course of straightening and even blow drying. This method has previously been used as a treatment for many muscular conditions.

However, it has found use in hair because of its ability to moisturize dry hair, repair damaged hair and remove frizz. The commonest analogy is that as you age, your hair loses its fullness and elasticity just like your skin. It has shown the ability to give your hair so many benefits.

The way this product can work on your hair is by its ability to coat your hair fibers with a filler like keratin, which is able to fill each of your hair strand that is thin or broken so as to make it look full and more lustrous.

From research, it has been established that it has the active ingredients vitamin B5, vitamin E, collagen and caviar oil. All this work to assure high moisture, nourishment and the repair of the damage to your hair.

Further, it has a number of antioxidants and other nutrients like silk and wheat proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and collagen complexes that are able to fill the cracks in the shafts of your hair. The product is also able to promise life to your aging hair.

To use this product, you have to follow some process.

  1. First of all, shampoo your hair using a mild clarifying shampoo and not a conditioner. This is to ensure that all the residual chemicals in your hair are removed and your hair is made ready for treatment. Once you have done that, rinse your hair thoroughly.
  2. Perform some blow dry on your hair on medium heat to make your hair about 80% dry.
  3. After that, comb your hair and make it loose.
  4. Get an appropriate amount of the ingredient as per the accompanying instructions and then put in a jar. Add some water warm water as per the instructions then mix them so that you get a homogenous cream.
  5. Divide your hair into about 4 sections then apply the treatment beginning from the back of your hair. Be careful not to saturate your hair then distribute the chemical throughout your hair by combing. Check to ensure that each and every strand of your hair is totally covered and coated with the chemical.
  6. Allow the chemical to stay on your hair for about 45 minutes. Once that is done, cover your hair with a cap and then do some blow dry for around 15 minutes. This heat is useful in that it helps the mixture to get to the roots of your hair.
  7. Wash your hair to ensure that about 80% of the chemical is off your hair leaving around 20% for the subsequent blow drying.
  8. The next step is flat ironing your hair. In this process, you will use a brush and a flat iron set at around 410-450 F. This is to ensure that the treatment is sealed in the hair. You could reduce the temperature to about 356 F in case your hair is bleached.
  9. The only remaining thing after this is to maintain your hair and style your hair. You should use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner each and every time you style your hair. You could repeat this treatment after four months in case your hair is compatible with the treatment.

Botox for hair growth

According to the pilot study that was done in Canada, 2010 and then published in the Journal Watch Dermatology, patients who were put on Botox injections reported some hair growth within a period of about 12 weeks.

There was a similar observation by Dr. Ourian who is a plastic surgeon in the year 2009. This is because it paralyzes the scalp and in return allows more flow of oxygen and blood to access the scalp. The increase in oxygen on your scalp is likely to reduce the amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone which is known as the enemy of hair growth.

Botox vs. Keratin

Botox for hair is a non-chemical, conditioning treatment in which you can be able to lock strands of hair together so as in the long run to make and leave them looking smooth and soft. It is devoid of any serious risks and health threats.

On the other hand, keratin involves the use of chemicals and specifically a compound called formaldehyde, so as to get hair strands locked in order to make them smooth. This method is likely to produce longer lasting results, although there are concerns over the effects of the formaldehyde on your health.

The costs of these two methods are also quite different. Botox costs between $275 and $600 when done at the salons and slightly lower when done at home, while you are likely to spend between $70 and $100 when you use it at home, while you could spend about $150 or more in a salon.

The other thing that makes them different is that Botox treatment is safe to be used in pregnant and lactating/breastfeeding mothers. On the other hand, keratin is not safe for use in these cases.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this is likely to vary depending on the salon that you visit. There are other variants that are likely to determine the pricing. They include the quality of the materials used among others. The estimation is that it is likely that you will spend between $275 and $600 in an ideal salon. This cost will cover:

  • Pre-treatment of your hair using a clarifying shampoo so as to get rid of any residues that have accumulated in your hair and then open up the cuticles.
  • Dividing your hair into sections then treating it then giving it about 45 minutes to take effect.
  • Afterward washing your hair with a sulfate free shampoo
  • Blow drying and a straightening process so as to lock the Botox in your hair

On the other hand, you could decide to have a do it yourself Botox for hair treatment. In this regard, however, you will need to get a person with vast experience to help you out. You could also do it on your own if you trust your experience. This is relatively cheaper compared to when done at the salon. All you have to do is buy a hair Botox kit and a mild shampoo that is free of any sulfate

Efficacy and Side effects

This product is generally safe for use on your hair. The only source of worry is that it is likely to irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction. You can, however, reduce this by ensuring that the chemical does not get in contact with your skin.

In allergic reactions, you will discover some redness on your skin, some burning or irritation on your scalp, the face or the hairline. Once you discover this, you should stop using it immediately until you visit your medical professional.

Apart from the skin irritation, you are likely to have your scalp producing more oil. This is likely to happen when you directly apply the chemical on your scalp instead of applying to your hair. Your skin is usually sensitive to the chemicals contained in the product.

The good effects of the product are however more than the negative effects and this should, therefore, give you the courage to use it without fear as long as you are following the instructions as indicated.

Best Botox for hair products (reviews)

Various brands of products exist in the market. They include:

Majestic hair Botox

This is considered one of the best among the available treatments. The reason behind this is that it is free of any formaldehyde. Instead, it has ingredients that will assure you lush and fresh hair. The ingredients include vitamins E, B5, caviar oil, amino acids, and collagen complex.

This treatment is able to penetrate the deeper layers of your hair to the innermost strands and this will restore your hair from the inside. A 300ml bottle in which it is packaged is adequate to serve you for four applications if your hair is of medium length and two applications if your hair is long.

The treatment can be used on any type of hair including the virgin hair. A general observation that has been made over time shows that porous hair is able to absorb the treatment better. Apart from that, it is easy to use because the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Botosmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment

This product is free of any formaldehyde. It is able to supply your hair with natural keratin alongside other nutrients. It is able to form a moisture barrier in your hair and then remove any frizz and thereby making your hair to be soft and shiny.

You should apply this brand to your hair in sections and the continuously comb your hair so as to ensure that every strand of your hair is covered by the chemical. Once you are done, cover your scalp using a plastic cap and then allow it to interact for the required 45 minutes at a room temperature or 25 minutes if you apply some heat.

Prismax Botox Caplair

It is able to offer deep effects of moisturization and conditioning. Further to that, it is able to restore elasticity and softness to your hair. Further, it is able to repair damaged hair and then give it some shine. Apart from that, it is able to remove frizz and leave your hair silky and afterward make it more manageable.

Inoar Professional Botox HAIR Kit

It is a product that derives its formula from keratin. This, therefore, helps to make your hair stronger and smoother. It is able to fight as much as 95% of hair frizz and make the curly hair easy to manage. This kit has very simple instructions that you can follow. In addition, it requires a shorter time of waiting for the treatment to be absorbed into your hair.

Brazilian Hair Mask Hair Botox

It comes with the varieties of dark and blonde hair. This product is able to eliminate frizzes from your hair, repair damaged hair, straighten your hair and condition dry hair. What makes it very different from the rest is that you require only one bottle for the treatment to be complete.

Koko Keratin Botox Hair Treatment

This product is packaged with details of the instructions that pertain its use. It is known for its ability to hydrate as and then repair and refine your hair follicles making them look fuller and healthier. Additionally, it is a straightening agent because of keratin inclusion.

The Magic Botox Effect

It is able to rejuvenate your curls, in the long run, thicken and straighten your hair. Apart from that, it is able to moisturize any dry hair. More that, reviews indicate that is able to restore smooth texture to your hair.

Expert Hair Botox Hair Mask Treatment

It is known to be able to help your hair recover, especially after chemical damage on your hair. It is recommended that you consider it the last option. As you use it, you will be able to eliminate frizz and split ends in your hair in just a single treatment.

Soft Liss Botox Gel

This product is slightly different because instead of being packaged as liquid, it comes as a gel. It is able to add more shine and some softness to your hair. This is because the gel form is able to give your hair more amounts of protein and fiber.

To add to the above, the product lasts longer because when using gel, you only apply the very little amount to achieve an appreciable effect. It is estimated that a single bottle could last you as long as 16 applications, although it depends on the length of your hair.



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