Home remedies for hair growth

Hair constitutes and contributes to your outlook, beauty, and appearance. The hair on the scalp, face and anywhere else on your body may fall off due to various conditions and maybe diseases. Here are some of the home remedies to help you regain and boost your growth of hair. The remedies will also help you realize quick results as soon as overnight.

Home remedies are the cheapest, readily available and equally effective remedies to assure your hair growth. They are also at times recommended by doctors as alternatives to the available synthetic drugs that may have so many side effects.

Best home remedies for hair growth + recipes

Home remedies for hair growth

The home remedies encompass both practices and herbs that may help you to realize faster and enhanced hair growth. They are as discussed below:

Regular massage of your scalp

This is done by the use of some hot oil. It has been shown that this practice does not only reverse and repair damaged hair but also assures hair growth within a short, as short as week. The massage goes ahead to increase the blood supply and flow in the tissues of the scalp and by so doing, the hair follicles are stimulated and growth starts. The massage should be done in small circular manner and on a regular basis.

Brushing your hair

Occasional brushing of your hair leads to improved blood flow and circulation on your scalp and as a result, there is even distribution of nutrients and in the end, there is even growth of hair. The hair is likely to increase in thickness and length. To do so, always brush your hair twice daily at least two minutes whenever you are doing so. Further, brushing your hair spreads the natural oil on your head to other areas of your scalp.

Apple cider vinegar

This plant product has some acidic properties that are of great benefit to your scalp. The acid provides gentle cleansing and clarification of your scalp thus keeping the pH at a constant level and in a balanced position. Also, it has been shown that when the pH is balanced, there is minimal hair shedding and loss. You can add some essential oils like lavender to minimize the smell and give you additive effects.


In order to use this remedy, you will need apple cider vinegar and some water. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Wash and thoroughly rinse your hair thoroughly using your normal shampoo
  2. Take one liter of water and mix with about 75 ml of apple cider vinegar
  3. Take a cup of this mixture and make a final rinse of your hair with it.
  4. Carry on the process at least twice a week till you notice an improvement

Onion juice

Onions contain high levels and amounts of an element and mineral known as Sulphur, which is very useful when it comes to the growth of tissues that enable the hair to grow. In this sense, the mineral is useful in the production of collagen tissue, which plays a great role in the growth of hair. To do this, you will need two red onions or some shallots. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a peeling of the onions or shallots and then cut them into small pieces
  2. Make a blend of the pieces and afterward squeeze them to give you some juice
  3. Apply some of the juice to your scalp in a gentle manner and let it stay there for about 15 minutes
  4. Afterwards, rinse your hair using a mild shampoo
  5. Repeat the procedure on a regular basis for the best results.

Egg mask

Egg mask has been found to contain so many nutrients and minerals. Some of them include Sulphur, proteins, iron, selenium, phosphorus, iodine and proteins. Specifically, the high protein content makes this product an excellent home remedy for hair growth. You will only need one egg white, a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. The procedure is simply as follows:

  1. Put the egg white in a bowl and then add some olive oil then honey
  2. Mix the above ingredients very well into a smooth paste
  3. Massage the paste gently into your scalp and then let it stay for about 20 minutes
  4. Wash and rinse your head thoroughly using your regular shampoo
  5. Repeat this process once a week to get the best results


It plays the role of promoting hair growth and also protecting the natural hair color of your hair. It is therefore worth trying especially if you have black hair. You will only need to have a tablespoon of the fenugreek paste and two teaspoons of coconut milk. The two can be combined and used as per the procedure below:

  1. Make a proper mix of coconut oil and fenugreek to make a paste
  2. Massage the paste on your scalp and then leave it there for around 30 minutes
  3. Wash and rinse your scalp using a mild shampoo

The procedure should be done and repeated once in every 15 days until you see some results.

Potato juice

It is rich in vitamins and especially vitamin A, B and c.  these are useful for healthier and stronger hair. There has been some information that it can be used by those who suffer from alopecia (the thinning or loss of hair). For this, you will only require one potato. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Take and peel a potato then make juice extract
  2. Apply the extracted juice and leave it on your scalp for around 20 minutes
  3. After that, rinse it off your hair using a mild shampoo

You can always apply the potato juice every time you are washing or working on your hair

Cayenne pepper

It works by stimulating hair growth and curbing the thinning process of your hair. It has a compound called capsaicin that makes hair grow faster. When you apply the pepper on your scalp, your nerves are activated and there is increased blood flow to your scalp tissues. The increase in flow of blood brings about enhanced nutrients absorption and hence better hair growth. For this, you will only need one teaspoon of powdered pepper and a teaspoon of some olive oil. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a mixture of powdered pepper and olive oil
  2. Massage the mixture to your scalp, mostly where your experience hair loss or thinning
  3. Leave it on the scalp for around 15 minutes
  4. Wash off the mixture with some cold water

You should carry out this process once a month.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil provides natural hair conditioning. It has minerals and nutrients that include potassium that makes your scalp healthy, promotes and encourages growth of new hair and eventually repairs any damaged hair. You will only need to have coconut oil and the procedure is as follows:

  1. Massage the coconut oil gently all over your scalp
  2. Let the oil stay on your scalp for the whole night then rinse your hair the next morning


It helps to regenerate the new hair and promotes the flow of blood to the scalp and hence the hair follicles are stimulated to produce more hair. For this you will need two cloves of garlic and a cup of olive or coconut oil. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Crush and boil some garlic cloves in olive oil or coconut oil
  2. Apply the mixture to the roots of your hair
  3. Wash the mixture off your hair


Honey has natural moisturizing and antibacterial properties. It can also help to resolve issues on the scalp that are likely lead to hair fall. Apart from that, honey adds shine to the hair and prevents split ends. For the best results, you could mix this with some coconut oil and the procedure is as follows:

Growing better hair after 40

At the age of 40 years, you are likely to experience more of degeneration rather than generation of new body tissues. Same to the hair, you are likely to have more of hair loss than hair growth. As a counter therefore, you ought to make use of some home remedies that will encourage growth of hair. They are among the following:

Vitamin supplements

They facilitate the stimulation of the hair follicles so as to enable growth of new hair. The supplements help to reduce dryness of your scalp and at the end helping you bring down the itching and swelling that may come about as a result of various conditions.


It promotes and enables the growth of long and strong hair. It strengthens the hair at the roots and eliminates any dandruffs that may be forming. Apart from that, the herb also has some antioxidant properties that are key in boosting hair growth. Further, it has silica and Sulphur contents that are important in reversing the loss of hair. To help out, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a mixture of olive oil and another oil like the jojoba oil to serve as a base oil
  2. Massage the mixture into your scalp and let it settle on the hair for about half an hour then shampoo as normal
  3. Use rosemary to finally rinse your hair at the end by steeping around three springs of rosemary in about two cups of water for almost 5 minutes
  4. Give your hair some time to cool then rinse using shampoo again

Lemon juice

They are great sources of vitamin C and Bs as well as folic acid among other nutrients. Apart from that, there are high levels of antioxidants in the juice. More still, the juice facilitates hair growth, promotes smooth and shiny hair that is free from dandruffs. Upon application to the scalp, the juice improves circulation and hence curbing hair loss. The procedure for optimum benefit is as follows:

  1. Take one part of lemon juice and have it mixed with about two parts of coconut oil or any other essential oil like olive oil
  2. Massage the oil to the scalp and give it about 30 to 45 minutes
  3. Wash and then shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo
  4. Carry on with the process about two times a week

Beetroot juice

This is a vegetable that is a rich source of nutrients. It has vitamin B and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, proteins, carotenoids and some silica. In order to benefit, you can take the juice regularly after preparing a healthy drink out of it. Doing this constantly will almost always guarantee you some hair growth.

Fish oil

It is laced with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that promote smooth, shiny and healthy growth of hair. It has been shown that any deficiency of these acids leads to reduced growth of hair. You should take the oil supplement at least daily for around a month.

Argan oil

It helps to improve the moisture content of your hair thus bringing about an increased hair growth. Apart from that, it helps to loosen any dry skin surrounding the hair follicles and as a result the scalp is stimulated to produce more oil that enables your hair to be healthier and shinier. You will only require a small amount of the oil and the procedure is as follows:

  1. Put a little amount of the oil in your palms and then apply it to your hair beginning from the ends
  2. Proceed to massage the roots and then give it a night to completely work
  3. Wash off the oil using a mild shampoo.

Regular exercise

Carrying out a regular exercise improves the circulation of your blood to the hair follicles and hence hair growth. In order to exhibit substantial results, you will have to take up a regular and routine exercise schedule.

Bald hair growth using home remedies

Aloe vera

In order to get cure from baldness, just put a small amount of the gel on your hand and then massage it gently into your bald scalp. It has protein compounds known as proteins that will facilitate the opening of the clogged pores of the head and thus prevent any further hair loss.


It is rich in proteins and this helps to prevent future hair losses. You just have to apply the yoghurt onto your scalp to look like a mask. Similarly, you can do a daily massage of your scalp using some yoghurt. Similarly, daily consumption of yoghurt would be useful to give you hair growth.


There are so many reviews that have been made with regards to the use of home remedies used in the growth of hair. The reviews are personal inputs to individual ingredients and products used. They are as follows:

A review posted to the Amazon website on November 16, 2016 about the use of onion juice

‘Extremely potent high quality oil. One of my bottles leaked in transit but they sent me a replacement quickly. Very satisfied.’

There is yet another review that credits the use of potato juice. It is noted that the juice does not dry out the hair as noted by other shampoos commonly used. Apart from that, it does not leave your hair stripped of its natural oil.

Reviews around the use of apple cider vinegar shows that when it is used about once or twice a month, it eliminates the gather up of chemicals in the hair. Apart from that, it smells nice and lasts long enough to serve you better. It therefore gives your hair a totally complete and fresh beginning.

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